Benefits of baby sign language:

Learning baby sign language and using it with your baby is an amazing way for baby and parent to connect, build trust and communicate with each other and prevents a lot of frustration, crying and other aggressive behaviour on behalf of the babies, as they can express their needs and wants.

Parents and caregivers are able to be more observant and responsive to their babies, helping to boost positive emotional development and self esteem.  Scientific studies have found that babies taught baby sign language became further advanced in language skills and scored higher on intelligence tests than those who did not take it.

The classes are delivered in a comfortable relaxed setting, using songs and games for repetition and each week the focus will be on a different topic as follows:

  • Mealtime
  • Bed time
  • Bath time
  • Getting dressed
  • My pets; and
  • At the park.
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    Little kid pointing finger. Child in basket, top view. Baby sign language.

    Baby Sign Language

    $75 / 6 weeks Wednesdays 11:00-12:00 pm starting January 20

    Baby Sign Language

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    Baby sign language for pre-verbal babies is recommended for ages 8 months to 18 months.