parachute playground

Come play indoors with your children out of the rain.  Our play setup changes, so its never boring! 

You never know… check in on our calendar regularly.

For active play, we will have your child running, bouncing, climbing, spinning, swinging, laughing and having fun under your supervision!

Playground is suitable for kids 0-5 years.

parachute playground
playground with free play

The playground when out is a Montessori inspired playground with a large fully decked out pickler triangle setup, a climbing arch swing, and a toddler play gym with climbing net, swing, and slide.  Your children are sure to love it and spend hours happily climbing around the play gym over thick mats for safety.

We also have tents, tunnels, ball pits and an amazing soft baby climber set up.

For active play another day, we may have the soccer nets out and basketball throwing hoop, roddy horse hoppers or wheelie bug ride-on toys around a track, and step and climbing rocks and balance beam obstacle course!

For imaginative play, we may have out a variety of different small town setups with dress up toys to pretend and act out roles.

There’s also a quiet area, for reading and doing puzzles and working with Montessori inspired toys.

Or it may be sensory bin day with a variety of different sensory activities, and a train table and teddy bear picnic.

playground with supervised play