Kids –
Events & Circle Time Drop-in, Aloha Staff Supervised

Adults – Circle Time with Infants & Adult Events    

Open Play – 2 hours 

*Currently not available due to Covid restrictions, see Social Bubble rental for $15 per hour

Fitness & Nutrition with AO1 Fitness

$97.50  per month 

Parents and guardians

1 parent free
2nd parent $12.00

$12.001 parent free
2nd parent    $7.50
Infants, pre-crawlingFree (Circle Time $12.00 including parent)FreeFree 
Babies, mobile$12.00$5.00$5.00 

1st child    $12.00
Siblings     $5.00

1st child     $7.50
Siblings     $5.00
1st child     $7.50
Siblings     $5.00
 Open Play
2 hours -not avail. due to covid – see social bubble rental $15 /hr 
Fitness and Nutrition Program with A01 Fitness

$97.50 / mos
Parents & guardians

1 parent free

2nd parent $7.50

Infants, pre-crawlingFree 
Babies, mobile$5.00 
Kids1st child $7.50

Siblings $5.00


Events & Circle Time drop-in, Aloha staff supervised
Circle Time with Infants & Events
Parents & guardians1 parent free
2nd parent $12
Infants, pre-crawlingFree (Circle Time $12.00)Free
Babies, mobile$12.00$5.00
Kids1st child $12.00
Siblings $5.00
1st child $7.50
Siblings $5.00

*We are a no barriers play space, meaning we welcome every parent and child to come and play and no-one is to be left out.  If you are a single parent or parents or guardians with low income  and would not otherwise be able to come in, please email us.

*We ask that shoes be taken off at the door and stored into cubbies provided at the entrance.  Outside drinks and food are welcome at tables and seating but we ask that they be kept out of the play area to avoid spills and messes.

Refund policy: 

No refunds after class start date

Please Note: Parking in front of studio is 2 hours maximum