Benefits of Yoga for kids:

Stretching and yoga moves not only enhance children’s flexibility, strength and co-ordination and gives them some body awareness, but the mindful and meditative aspect of yoga helps children navigate life’s stresses a little easier and gives them the tools for relaxation in this busy world.  It enhances their abiltity to concentrate and regulate their emotions better for calmer kids, and to connect with their inner selves, increasing self-confidence.

As Yoga is non-competitive, it helps develop cooperating and compassion, it helps them connect with nature as the possess come from nature, and gets them to imagine being different elements of nature.

Junge Mutter macht mit ihrer 6 Monate alten Tochter Rueckbildungsgymnastik, isoliert vor weissem Hintergrund. Mama liegt am Boden und hat ihr Baby auf ihren Unterchenkeln liegen.

Yoga - Parent & Baby, not offered at this time


Yoga - Parent & Baby

No Schedule as of yet
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Little children and their teacher practicing yoga in gym

Yoga - Parent & Preschooler offered if family yoga books up


Yoga - Parent & Preschooler

None currently offered at this time
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Yoga - Family Yoga

Sundays for 6 weeks starting January 17 $102

Yoga - Family

Sunday, January 17, 2021 12:30 - 1:30
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child girl doing yoga and gymnastics in the gym

Yoga - Kids (ages 5+)

Sundays for 6 weeks starting January 24 $102

Yoga - 5-10 Years Old

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Young woman having fun with kids doing yoga. Family sport concept

Yoga - Kids ages 8-10 - Offered if kids yoga fills up


Yoga - 8-10 Years Old

None currently scheduled at this time
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